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Paul Sahota

Paul is currently Head of ESG, Europe at DNV, a globally leading quality assurance and risk management company. His experience comes mainly from the financial services sector where he spent over 25 years in risk, audit and regulation in a number of large financial groups.
University of West London
Job Title
Member of Board of Governors

As a member of the Board at the University of West London he is uniquely positioned to reflect on if and how Higher Education adopts ESG practices for the future.

Paul previously served in independent governance roles at Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust and held board trustee positions with two charities. In this capacity, he worked with several regulatory regimes including NHS England, Care Quality Commission, The Charities Commission and The Information Commissioners Office.

He is a Certified ESG Analyst and has a PhD in Economics.. His professional memberships include Fellow of the Institute of Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability, and he is a Charterholder with the CFA.