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Professor Bruce Macfarlane

Bruce Macfarlane is Dean designate of the Faculty of Education and Human Development and Professor of Educational Leadership and Equity at the Education University of Hong Kong. He has previously held chairs at universities in the UK and Hong Kong, is a former Head of the School of Education at the University of Bristol, UK and is currently guest professor at the University of Boras in Sweden. He has also held visiting professorial positions in Japan, South Africa and Australia.
University of Hong Kong
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Through his research and scholarship, Bruce has developed conceptual frameworks for interpreting academic practice, ethics and leadership. His major works include Teaching with Integrity (2004), The Academic Citizen (2007), Researching with Integrity (2009), Intellectual Leadership in Higher Education (2012) and Freedom to Learn (2016). He is currently writing a new book for Routledge about the freedom to teach in higher education.