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Shabana Akhtar

Shabana has over 18 years of experience in higher education. At the University of London, her team are responsible for ensuring the robustness of data quality and reporting; the development, prototyping and embedding of data visualisation tools and techniques; and the delivery of a suite of organisational performance measures to provide direction on academic, operational and strategic planning at a truly global scale. She considers her role pivotal in driving an organisational culture of performance optimisation and evidence-based decision making.
University of London
Job Title
Associate Director - Strategic Planning and Business Intelligence, University of London

She works with a wide range of stakeholders including staff at the 17 independent federal member institutions ranging from larger universities such as Goldsmith's and King’s College London to smaller specialised institutions such as the Royal Veterinary College. Her work also includes engagement with a network of around 120 institutions all over the world delivering UoL corses. 

Her previous roles in the sector include Director of the Strategic and Business Planning Office and the Head of Widening Participation and Recruitment at Oxford Brookes University.

Shabana is an executive member of the Higher Education Strategic Planners Association (HESPA), Advisory Board Member of Ahead by Bett and member of the UUKi Group on TNE metrics.