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In-house development programmes and training

Designed, developed and delivered for your institution

For over the last 15 years we have worked with institutions and organisations all over the world to build and deliver effective programmes and training to address their challenges or enhance operations.

Our programmes develop leaders equipped to address the key challenges facing institutions, enhance the teaching and learning capability and tackle the methods by which your institution addresses equality, diversity and inclusivity at all levels.

Delivery options

We offer a suite of programmes and training solutions that can be designed to meet your requirements, developed in partnership with you and delivered to meet your requirements.

Our in-house programmes fall into two categories: 

Off the shelf

Off the shelf

From our open programmes portfolio
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Inspired by our open programmes
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Want to know more about our in-house delivery?

Make an enquiry to find out more about our different In-house options and discuss which options may be best for you and your institution's requirements.

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Why choose in-house delivery from Advance HE?

Choosing the most appropriate development programme can be challenging. Developing content which tackles current issues and addresses your challenges, identifying the target audience in your institution who would most benefit from the programme and ensuring delivery fits with your context are paramount to ensuring your programme is a success.

One of your first decisions will be whether to organise the training in-house, or send  employees to an external training course. An external training course has many benefits and is a popular choice, but in-house training also has plenty of appeal.

Having the best of both can be achieved if you organise your training to be conducted by Advance HE in-house. In-house delivery offers a number of strategic and practical benefits:

Strategic benefits

  • A programme designed to be linked directly to your strategy
  • A programme developed around your requirements
  • A design fit for your participants
  • The confidentially that comes with private delivery 
  • A cohort of your people working together, team building

Practical benefits

  • Cost effective implementation
  • The convenience of delivery at a location of your choice
  • Flexibility in design, development and delivery
  • Delivery that can be designed for a particular community or mixed groups (Academic and Professional Services)

Want to find out more about our In-house programme delivery?

If you would like to find out more about how Advance HE’s In-house programme delivery can help you, complete the enquiry form below.

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