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Student Academic Experience Survey 2019

The Student Academic Experience Survey 2019 captures the opinions of undergraduate students in the UK on key issues such as value for money, teaching quality, and wellbeing.

Our Survey takes place at the same time each year among a directly comparable undergraduate sample, enabling us to measure genuine like-for-like changes. This year’s results highlight a number of positive shifts in student opinion, with evidence that the university experience is largely a challenging but rewarding one, albeit with some students who do not see things in such a positive light:

  • Perceptions of value-for-money have increased significantly for the second year in a row.
  • Teaching quality and assessment have both improved strongly.
  • Levels of wellbeing continue to be well below those of the general population of young people.
  • Although respondents were not widely against the concept of a two-year accelerated degree, neither was it greeted with particular enthusiasm.
  • Overall, results this year shine light on a student cohort that is realistic about the costs of going to university and recognises when they are challenged positively and receive good value as a result.

Download the full report below.

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Student Academic Experience Survey 2019