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What helps you grow?

We all have things that help us grow personally and professionally, whether it’s support from friends and mentors, meeting new people or learning new skills. 

Inspire others and share the things that help you grow. #GrowInHE

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Helping higher education shape its future

We are Advance HE. We believe excellence is achieved by people. Removing the barriers, so all can succeed; driving positive change, to make higher education better for all.

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New framework to embed enterprise and entrepreneurship in higher education

The Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Education Framework is a resource to help institutions provide effective activities and experiences so that students can identify what is involved in being enterprising and entrepreneurial.


Enhancing Organisational Performance

We support effective governance and build capacity and capability to deliver sustainable change and positive responses to emerging challenges.


Developing People

We will help you develop the next generation of leaders and practitioners, and connect people so they can share knowledge and insight to progress HE.


Accrediting and Celebrating Success

We develop our frameworks and charters, providing accreditation services and awards that celebrate success, deliver impact and further development.

Advance HE Connect

Advance HE Connect

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Demonstrating a personal and institutional commitment to professionalism in learning and teaching in higher education.
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News + Views

14 hours ago
Hi @Jenny4711byrne, as the Dublin cohort is close to completion we felt a more practical solution was to deliver the final session rather than rescheduling. We recognise that some may not be able to join so we will look to offer a solution based on attendance and feedback.
16 hours ago
To help you feel more prepared for the transition to online delivery during these uncertain times, Doug Parkin @LEAD_Doug shares his ten top tips for using the video conferencing app Zoom. Read his blog here: #highered #COVID19
17 hours ago
In the past 60 days… Higher Education in China @AdvanceHE Find out more by joining the webinar on Wednesday at 10:00.
21 hours ago
Thank you for your comments @AsmalNazneen, we look forward to seeing your comments. #HigherEd #teaching #learning
2 days ago
In the resource area of the Learning and Teaching Network on Advance HE Connect, our online network for HE, we have started collating online resources which might be useful to those working with online learning. Join the group #onlinelearning #HigherEd
4 days ago
In a powerful story, Xia Li (Lisa) of Nankai University, Tianjin, China, details her experience of the Covid-19 pandemic in China and her university’s response to moving to remote teaching. Read her blog here: #highered #COVID19
4 days ago
Congratulations to all of the new Fellows!
4 days ago
Ahead of tomorrow's member benefits webinar Igniting a spark: Creativity in higher education Advance HE's @KathyAdvanceHE blogs about 'Igniting a spark in dark times'. Read the blog and book your place on the webinar here: