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Aurora mentoring

Becoming an Aurora Mentor workshops

This series of workshops gives an introduction to mentoring in an institutional context and will identify how to make mentoring effective.

Mentoring is now a vital development tool in many organisations and can be used to speed up integration through induction mentoring, to develop skills and support career progress as well as to address strategic objectives such as diversity, well-being or retention.

Evidence suggests that both mentor and mentee gain from the experience so the skills of mentoring appear to enhance wider working practices. This course gives an introduction to mentoring in an institutional context and will identify how to make mentoring effective. It will cover best practice guidelines to follow and give delegates practical advice in addition to well validated tools and techniques to use.

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Workshop 4
16 February 2022 & 16 March 2022

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Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, participants will be able to… 
•    Set up and maintain a mentoring relationship in line with best practice and ethical guidelines
•    Appreciate the role of the mentor, and the personal characteristics that support successful mentoring partnerships select and apply a range of tools and techniques to enhance the mentoring process 
•    Apply key skills and competencies required for mentoring in an institutional context
•    Support Aurora mentees as well as other colleagues in their development.

Aurora mentor

Topics covered

The topics covered in the course will include the following. However, during the workshop we may emphasise certain aspects in order to remain flexible to the needs of participants.
•    Definitions and models of mentoring
•    Paperwork and process consideration
•    Goal Setting, Questioning and Listening Skills in the mentoring context
•    Using Feedback, Challenge and Support effectively
•    Applying the GROW model in mentoring
•    Tools and techniques to facilitate development.

Who is the course for?

The course provides an introduction to mentoring and is suitable for anyone who has, or is planning to take on a mentoring role.

It is aimed at those with little experience of mentoring and would be appropriate for anyone looking to enhance staff development, in house mentors or for anyone with an interest in developing others. The course is aimed at those taking on an Aurora mentee but has far broader applications.

How is the course delivered?

This course will be delivered online as two half days to allow some practice between the two sessions. Delegates will need access to a private space, audio and camera functions plus access to Zoom.

The course will be highly practical and interactive with participants encouraged to test the ideas in a safe and confidential environment. The focus will be on how to apply the approach in their specific context and will identify further personal development opportunities.

Participants will be encouraged to discuss the material and reflect on how they can apply the ideas to the real-life mentoring they engage with.

Workshop dates

Workshop 1

4 November 2021

Workshop 2

8 November 2021
13 December 2021

Workshop 3

11 January 2022
8 February 2022

Workshop 4

16 February 2022
16 March 2022
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Carmelina Lawton Smith

Associate Lecturer, The International Centre for Coaching & Mentoring Studies
Oxford Brookes University
Dr Carmelina Lawton Smith
Carmelina is an independent coaching and development specialist who focuses on leadership development, consultancy and facilitation.