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Flexible by Design

A collaborative project to support institutions developing and delivering a flexible learning offer.

Post-pandemic many higher education providers (HEPs) are recognising the benefits of online delivery to provide flexible learning opportunities for current programmes and students.

The aim of this practice-based programme is to work with a team from a school or programme area over a period of 3 months to design and implement a flexible model of learning that aligns with the institutional mission, vision and values.

Please note that this project is now closed for recruitment.

Key information

  • The project will start in April 2022
  • The project duration is 3 months
  • The project is led by Advance HE in partnership with Jisc
  • There are a maximum of 8 places available on the project
  • The cost to join is £6,500 (plus VAT) for Advance HE Members and £8,000 (plus VAT) for non-members
  • The deadline to join is Friday 1 April 2022.
Leadership through a digital lens
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The programme will be delivered through online workshops. The programme will be supported by the Advance HE virtual learning environment modelling the principles of Active Digital Design. Between each workshop participants will be expected to engage with colleagues and data at their own institution. It is expected that at least 2 participants will attend each workshop from each participating institution and they should attend with 4-6 students for workshop two.

Workshop one 

Following an introduction to flexible learning participants will develop a flexible learning model that aligns with their own institutional context.

Workshop two

Staff and students will use design thinking principles to reflect on their experience of online learning, and use divergent and convergent thinking strategies to co-create a vision and principles for their online experience. 

Workshop three

In this workshop participants will explore concepts of flexible provision including blended learning, hybrid and hyflex approaches. Drawing on the outputs from workshops one and two, they will identify an approach that aligns with their co-created models for flexible learning and explore the barriers to change, including staff and student digital capabilities and learning and teaching preferences.

Workshop four

Reflecting on the barriers to change identified in workshop two, participants will be supported in identifying the next steps for their institution and develop their understanding and practice of leading change. Participants will be signposted to additional support and resources that can help them embed change, available from JISC and Advance HE.