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Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates

Our coronavirus (COVID-19) updates page for the latest information and advice.

Along with the rest of the sector, Advance HE is adjusting to the challenging times in which we all find ourselves. We are determined to support our members by delivering as much as possible online and maintaining the best possible, flexible service. Our staff are well-versed and rehearsed in working remotely and our IT systems robust.

We have outlined below an update to our services.

We will be keeping this updated regularly with as many details as possible and will also be contacting members and individuals through our routine schedule of newsletters and emails.

Should you have any questions please get in touch with your regular Advance HE contact.

Alternatively you can email us using the address below.

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Resources to support you during the COVID-19 pandemic

We have published blogs of advice and guidance from different perspectives across the sector, as well as hosting webinars tackling many of the issues that have surfaced during these difficult and challenging times. 

Plus – Find out more about our Socially Distanced Campus project.


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Covid-19 – Ensuring sustainability and readiness for the new normal

Members-only projects planned for 20-21 will focus on realising the learning from the Covid-19 emergency response and considering how institutions can reshape and redefine themselves in light of the changing world around them.


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Programmes and Events

We have moved current delivery of our programmes and events activity online. Please see our events calendar for more information.

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Advance HE Membership Services

We are committed that the services you have access to through your Advance HE membership continues to be a source of support and contributes to your future success.

Upcoming Member Events (England and Northern Ireland)

  • The Race Equality Charter Networking (North) Event scheduled for 1 July (along with the as yet unscheduled South event) will be replaced by a virtual event (date to be confirmed)

If you have any questions about these changes please contact

Upcoming Member Events (Wales)

  • Plans are in place to move Welsh member networks to be held remotely and with conversations supported online via Advance HE Connect.

If you have any queries relating to member events in Wales please contact

Upcoming Member Events (Scotland)

  • Modules 3-6 of the Scottish Academic Leadership Programme will now adopt an online (asynchronous + synchronous) format, and will be delivered between May-Aug 2020. Registered participants should already have received relevant information about this.

If you have any queries relating to member events in Scotland please contact or

Advance HE Connect and Community Support for Members

  • Advance HE Connect will continue to be the home of communities of practice and networks of staff within member institutions across the globe. There are now 164 groups across this platform supporting people to share challenges and solutions across a broad spectrum of professional and academic specialisms.
  • We will support emerging priorities such as online assessment, supporting staff and student wellbeing at a distance and leading in times of crisis through Advance HE Connect in the first instance.
  • We are conscious that many people will be working with online learning and assessment and want to offer as much support as possible. Our Learning and Teaching Network is our hub for this and we will be posting resources and be available to answer questions or host discussions. In the resource area we have started a file with online resources which might be useful to you and others. If you would like to post anything please do so on the live feed and use the tags to help the content to be searchable.
  • The Advance HE Connect ‘Facing the Future’ and ‘Global Perspectives’ webinar series will continue as planned

Athena SWAN UK April Submission Round

The deadline for the April 2020 Athena SWAN UK assessment round was 30 April 2020 (or 20 May 2020 for universities taking part in the latest round of UCU strike action).

We recognise that there are significant pressures on institutions and their leadership teams at this current time and we have offered institutions and departments who were intending to submit in April 2020 the opportunity to have existing awards extended to November 2020. Applications originally intended to be submitted in April will be accepted in the November 2020 round with no requirement to update data or narrative beyond what was prepared for the April 2020 submission.

If you have any questions about this approach please contact

REC July 2020 Submission Round

The deadline for the July 2020 Race Equality Charter (REC) assessment round is 23 July 2020.

We appreciate that many institutions planning to submit in the July round are in the late stages of preparation and will wish to proceed with their applications. We will continue the service to those institutions on the original timeline.

However, we recognise that there are significant pressures on institutions and their leadership teams at this current time and we will offer institutions who were intending to submit an REC application in the July 2020 round the opportunity to have existing awards extended to February 2021.

If you have any questions about this approach please contact

UKPSF Accreditation 

If you have any questions about UKPSF  Accreditation or would like to discuss your institution’s timeline please contact


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PTES, PRES and UKES are still going ahead this year. The full fieldwork period began in early February and many institutions have already begun their surveys. At the moment there are no plans to extend the periods, which already run as far as mid-May for PRES and mid-June for UKES and PTES. Our windows are flexible – institutions, can start, stop and pause the survey as they require. Closing on this date will allow us to provide results by the end of the academic year as planned.

However if you feel that, for example, extending the survey periods into the summer could help students have a better opportunity to take part, please contact If there is widespread agreement to this, we will consider this.

We have developed an FAQs document to support participating institutions over this period. You can access the FAQs here.

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Members in The Republic of Ireland

We have a dedicated page for our services in the Republic of Ireland, including updates to Athena SWAN Ireland.

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International members

We have a dedicated page for our international services. Please click the link below. 

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