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Resources to support you during the COVID-19 pandemic

If you're looking for guidance on EDI, governance, teaching and learning, student success, leadership and management or organisational development to support you through the COVID-19 pandemic, we've collated all of our resources for higher education institutions and staff here.

As the world we live and work in changes at a rapid pace during the COVID-19 pandemic, Advance HE is publishing blogs of advice and guidance from different perspectives across the sector, as well as hosting webinars tackling many of the issues that have surfaced during these difficult and challenging times. We have also just announced a new project to support the challenge of the 'socially distanced campus'.

We have collated all our resources below and coloured them according to their theme. The key can be found to the right.

Themes Key
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New project to tackle the challenge of the 'socially distanced campus'

In response to member needs we have launched a rapid, generative project to collaboratively explore with the sector Creating Socially Distanced Campuses and Education. The project will be open to representatives from Advance HE member institutions from across the globe. This article explains the context for the project and what it hopes to achieve.

It will see Advance HE member institutions joining together to benefit from:

  • A dedicated Advance HE Connect Group for on-line information sharing and exchange (this is open to anyone to join from a member institution)
  • Over the next three to four weeks, a series of facilitated on-line workshops for our global membership, featuring conversation, challenge and co-creation (this is limited to 2 nominated participants per full/strategic/global member institution and 1 nominated participant per affiliate/access member institution)
  • Based on the above, a series of short leadership intelligence reports to support planning and decision making within institutions.
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“Our member institutions and sector stakeholders have confirmed that one of the big questions for higher education institutions is ‘when we open our campuses, HOW are we going to do that?’ The forces for doing so are great, the uncertainties around how to do so are extraordinary, and the risks involved are profound.”

Alison Johns
Chief Executive
Advance HE

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Over the past weeks we have been presenting COVID-19 reponse webinars with perspectives from across the globe. These have been free to all staff at Advance HE Member organisations.

Further webinars are being developed for the coming weeks. If you work at an Advance HE Member organisation and would like to hear about our upcoming webinars, sign up to hear from us here.

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WATCH - Beyond fire-fighting – developing resilient higher education

28 April 2020

In this webinar we joined Kate Lindsay, Head of Digital Education at the University College of Estate Management, with particular interests in critical digital pedagogy and inclusive practice and Ale Armellini, Director of the Institute of Learning and Teaching in Higher Education at the University of Northampton, with a mission to redesign all of Northampton’s programmes for active blended learning. Together we will explore models of online pedagogy and consider how to create active online learning and some practical approaches to mitigate against the critical points of failure inherent in higher education.

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WATCH - Emergency remote teaching (ERT): What have we learnt?

21 April 2020

We were joined by David White (University of the Arts, London), Eva Wong and Theresa Kwong (Hong Kong Baptist University) and Professor Torrey Trust (University of Massachusetts Amherst) for a webinar with the aim of encouraging participants to firstly reflect on how they responded to the crisis. This session was chaired by Advance HE’s Dr Kay Hack, Principal Adviser (Learning and Teaching).

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WATCH - Moving Assessment On-Line: Key Principles for Inclusion, Pedagogy and Practice

9 April 2020

During this member only webinar, speakers Professor David CarlessDr Geoff Stoakes and Jess Moody lead a conversation around the challenges the HE sector is facing during the current COVID-19 climate. There is a requirement for universities to make major changes to their teaching, assessment and support provision, a number of which will be considered during the webinar.

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WATCH - In the past 60 days - Lessons from China's HE sector

1 April 2020

On April 1, we hosted a member benefit question and answer based webinar with Xia Li (Lisa) and her colleagues at Nankai University, Tianjin, China as they answer questions around their experience of the COVID-19 pandemic in China and their university’s response to moving to remote teaching.

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Below is a collation of blogs we have published during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Strategy: doing the right things for the right reasons

21 May 2020

Doug Parkin discusses strategy in response to the rapidly unfolding COVID-19 crisis and its impact on higher education.
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#DryLabsRealScience – together stronger

18 May 2020

Dr Nigel Francis, with Dr David Smith and Professor Ian Turner, on collaborating for lab provision in an era of social distancing.
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Valuing diverse knowledges in higher education: a post-COVID proposition

18 May 2020

Hilary Noone argues that people-centred approaches, where everyone’s contribution is welcome, valued and acknowledged, can and should be implemented in the ‘new normal’ and will give institutions the competitive edge in post-COVID sectoral emergence.
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From inertia to contagion towards immunity: keeping ‘race’ on the UK university agenda post-COVID-19

15 May 2020

As Covid-19 continues to change the way we all work, Dave Thomas and Marcia Wilson explain why universities have to ensure Race Equality progress is not lost amid the furore once some form of normality returns.
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Best laid plans? Ambitions for student access and participation in the new reality

14 May 2020

As the sector responds to rapid change, Jess Moody, Senior Adviser at Advance HE, asks how institutions can hold on to a vision of equitable student access, participation and success.
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The Digital Literacy Myth: not all are natives

7 May 2020

Following on from their presentation at last year's Teaching and Learning Conference in Newcastle, Peter Wolstencroft and Xue Zhou from Coventry University, reflect on their research that looks at the gap between the assumption that students are ‘digital natives’ and the reality that many, in particular those from either an international or widening participation background, need additional support to ensure that they get the best out of higher education in the UK.
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Leading through coronavirus – choices and the stuff that doesn’t change

6 May 2020

In the 2nd blog of the series, Jo Chaffer explores how our strategic foundations enable course-corrections, choice and maybe even a sense of calm amongst the uncertainty.
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“The way we work will never go back to the way it was.”

5 May 2020

In his keynote speech at our first ever online Surveys and Insights Conference last week, Dr Paul Redmond from The University of Liverpool discusses the impact of Covid-19, generational differences and the challenges that universities have in engaging the millennial generation.
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Socially distanced on campus education: the next big question

04 May 2020

Doug Parkin with introduction by Alison Johns, Advance HE CEO, is written in response to the rapidly unfolding COVID-19 crisis and its impact on Higher Education.
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Lessons learned so far from the move to online governance

28 April 2020

Aaron Porter, Associate Director (Governance), at Advance HE shares some useful tips to help support online governance and meetings during the COVID-19 crisis.
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Flexible learning comes of age

27 April 2020

With the launch of Flexible Learning: a guide to the Advance HE Framework, author Stella Jones-Devitt, Director of Learning and Professor of Critical Pedagogy at Staffordshire University discusses how the demand for thinking and acting flexibly has never been greater.
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From emergency remote teaching to resilient systems for higher education

17 April 2020

Ahead of two member benefit webinars on 21 and 28 April, Kay Hack, Principal Adviser at Advance HE, explores how HE can use the current crisis to transform remote teaching from an emergency response to a resilient teaching system for the future.
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Supporting resilience in difficult times - new report on executive mentoring

16 April 2020

Advance HE’s report, Mentoring for Senior Executive Leadership in Higher Education: Potential and Possibilities, is published for members today. Here, Dr. Carmelina Lawton Smith of the International Centre for Coaching and Mentoring Studies at Oxford Brookes University explains how mentoring can be a valuable support to HE leaders in these challenging times.
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Is necessity the mother of invention?

9 April 2020

Doug Parkin, Principal Adviser for Leadership and Management at Advance HE, shares his reflections on the rapidly unfolding COVID-19 crisis and and its impact on higher education.
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Considering assessment in light of the current Covid-19 pandemic

8 April 2020

A new webinar hosted by Advance HE is set to address some of the pedagogic challenges we are all now facing in higher education, focusing on assessment and feedback.
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Leading through coronavirus: strategy, sweet spots and shifting to sustaining

6 April 2020

Jo Chaffer presents the first blogpost in her multi-part series supporting strategic thinking and action for higher education leadership through the global COVID-19 pandemic.
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Designing learning and teaching online: the role of discussion forums

1 April 2020

Slobodan Tomic, Ellen Roberts and Jane Lund of the University of York discuss the need for universities to redesign their teaching practices for the shift online during the COVID-19 pandemic and offers tips on how this can be done effectively.
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Ten top tips for using Zoom for programme delivery

30 March 2020

To help you feel more prepared for the transition to online delivery, Doug Parkin shares his ten top tips for using the video conferencing app Zoom.
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Emotionally intelligent leadership in a time of crisis: fear and reassurance

27 March 2020

Doug Parkin, Principal Adviser for Leadership and Management, Advance HE, reflects on emotionally intelligent leadership amidst the backdrop of the rapidly unfolding COVID-19 crisis and its impact on higher education.
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In the past 60 days…

26 March 2020

Xia Li (Lisa) of Nankai University, Tianjin, China, details her experience of the COVID-19 pandemic in China and her university’s response to moving to remote teaching. On 1 April at 10am BST we will be running a live Q&A for members with our colleagues from Nankai, to see what the higher education sector around the globe can learn from our Chinese colleagues.
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Igniting a spark in dark times

25 March 2020

In advance of our member benefit webinar on Friday 27 March, Kathy Wright, Assistant Director, Knowledge, Innovation and Delivery at Advance HE, reflected on the need for imagination and creativity to give hope and nourishment at a time of uncertainty.
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The online student experience: more than learning online

25 March 2020

Following her talk at the Advance HE STEM conference in Manchester and with universities rapidly shifting teaching online due to COVID-19, Rachel Hilliam, Senior Lecturer in Statistics at the Open University, shares her thoughts on how to create an online learning community.
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Inclusive responses for difficult times - minority and marginalised groups

23 March 2020

Current government advice on restricting social interaction between people is likely to have a particular impact on students and staff from minority groups and may leave them more vulnerable to loneliness and isolation.
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Inclusive responses for difficult times - harassment and hate crime

22 March 2020

Sadly, some people have already experienced hate crime, harassment and hostility linked to perceptions about aspects of their identity and COVID-19. As the pandemic develops this is likely to increase. Higher education institutions can prepare for this.
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Home working and childcare: considerations for your family’s Cobra meeting

21 March 2020

Ellen Pugh, Senior Adviser at Advance HE, explores how to navigate the challenging situation of working at home and home schooling your children.
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Inclusive responses for difficult times - caring responsibilities

21 March 2020

With school closures and increased commitments in relation to the care of older people, more staff and students are likely to need to manage both work and study and caring commitments. Higher education institutions can consider offering support.
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Inclusive responses for difficult times - mental health and wellbeing

20 March 2020

It is likely that students and staff will be feeling more anxious during this time. Increased demand may come both from those with pre-existing health conditions or mental health difficulties which might be exacerbated during the current period of strain and uncertainty, as well as those newly seeking or in need of support during this emergency. Higher education institutions can prepare for this.
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Getting through getting your learning online

18 March 2020

With coronavirus forcing universities into rapid, wholesale moves to online platforms, lots of academics are about to face a difficult period for their teaching. Simon Usherwood offers some suggestions about how to manage your way through.
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Learning in the time of COVID-19

16 March 2020

As universities start closing learning spaces and cancelling face-to-face teaching, Dr Kay Hack, Principal Adviser (Learning and Teaching) spoke with students about their experiences and concerns as their education is disrupted. Here she reflects on what we can and should be doing to minimise damage to well-being and learning during this public health emergency.
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Join the conversation in Advance HE Connect

We are conscious that many people will be working with online learning and assessment and we want to offer as much support as possible. The Learning and Teaching Network, on Advance HE Connect, our online network dedicated to HE, is our hub for this and we will be posting resources and be available to answer questions or host discussions.

In the resource area we have started a file with online resources which might be useful to you and others. If you would like to post anything please do so on the live feed and use the tags to help the content to be searchable. If you are not yet a member of Advance HE Connect, it is open to all with 17,000 sector colleagues already coming together to share, connect and collaborate.

Join the network
Advance HE Connect

Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates

Along with the rest of the sector, Advance HE is adjusting to the challenging times in which we all find ourselves. We are determined to support our members by delivering as much as possible online and maintaining the best possible, flexible service. Our staff are well-versed and rehearsed in working remotely and our IT systems robust.

We have outlined an update to our services here.