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Athena Swan FAQs: Appeals and Objections

The answers to some frequently asked questions about appeals and objections for Athena Swan charter results.

Is there an appeals process?

There is a formal process for applicants seeking to appeal a panel decision. Applicants have 10 working days from the date that the written feedback on their application was communicated to them (via email) in which to appeal. Any successful appeal will result in the original application being submitted for review by a differently constituted panel. Further information on the process for appeals, including grounds for appeal, please see Section 3 of the Equality Charters Guide to Processes.

Is there a way for an individual to challenge or object to an award?

Institutions, departments and Research Institutes are required to confirm their commitment to the charter principles to be eligible to apply for Advance HE’s equality charter awards, and are required to confirm that the information presented in an application (including qualitative and quantitative data) is an honest, accurate and true representation of the institution or department. Individuals are able to object to an award if, following the submission deadline:

  • Information comes to light that the application contains false or misleading information or statements that are material to the applicant’s case for the award. This may include the deliberate omission of information.
  • Subsequent to receipt of an application, information comes to light establishing that the applicant no longer satisfies the requirements of the award or has failed to adhere to or uphold the charter principles.

For more information on the process for objecting to an award, please see Section 1.5 of our Guide to Processes.