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Teaching and Learning Conference 2021

Athena Swan FAQs: Including previous action plans in applications and Project Juno

Information on including previous action plans in applications in your Athena Swan charter application and how to apply if you are a physics department with Project Juno Status

How should we include previous plans in our application?

From the November 2019 award round, applicants that hold a post-May award and are making another application at the same or a higher level (e.g. seeking to upgrade from a post-May Bronze award achieved in 2015 to a post-May Silver award in 2019) are requested to include the action plan from the most recent successful application for reference. The actions should be ‘RAG’ rated (rated ‘red’, ‘amber’ or ‘green’ dependent on progress with implementation) with no further commentary provided in this action plan. If any actions are being carried forward into the new plan (directly or in a modified way), this may be indicated. Advance HE recognises that action plans are live documents, so applicants should include the most recent iteration of the action plan for this exercise.

Where limited progress has been made, commentary and evaluation should be provided in the main body of the submission, as part of the self-assessment narrative of work undertaken and initiatives attempted, under the relevant section of the application form. Similarly, for Silver and Gold applications, the impact of previous actions should be discussed and evaluated in the main body.

Action plans associated with unsuccessful applications should not be included with applications, and will not be considered by the panel.

For information, including eligibility and FAQs, on our renewals (for ‘post-May’ award holders seeking to renew their award at the same level) process can be found here.

Please note that applicants with post-May awards that were due for renewal in November 2019 and April 2020 have already been offered the option of an extension.

How do we apply if we are a physics department with Juno Champion status?

If you hold Project Juno Champion status from the most recent awards round, you can convert this into an Athena Swan Silver award by submitting your Juno documentation (application and IOP feedback) to us, along with a completed Post-May 2015 Juno Champion Application form covering additional questions relating to our expanded criteria.)