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The transformed UK Athena Swan Charter FAQs

The answers to some frequently asked questions about various aspects of the transformed UK Athena Swan charter.

This page will cover FAQs for the following areas: 

  • Applying under the transformed Athena Swan scheme 
  • Award length and extensions 
  • Renewals process 
  • Deadlines 
  • Assessment process 
  • System developments
  • Other queries

Applying under the transformed Athena Swan framework

• When can we apply using the new criteria?
• How long do you expect it to take us to be ready to apply under the transformed Charter?
• Do we have to apply using the new application forms? When can we no longer use the Post-May 2015 application form?
• We do not have an award under the post May criteria. Can we go straight ahead and apply using the transformed criteria and application materials?
• Do I have to apply at Bronze level if I am a first-time applicant?
• When can we use the culture survey?
• Will there be an additional word allowance to cover extenuating circumstances?
• What changes are being made to how forms are submitted?
• Are professional, technical and operational staff included in the transformed charter?
• Can we apply as a faculty?
• How should we decide whether to apply as a faculty or department?
• Do faculties receive extra words?
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Award length and extensions

• How long will my award last in the future?
• Can I get an extension to my award so that I can use the new form?
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• When are the submission deadlines for applications under the new Charter? How are the deadlines going to work?
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Assessment process

• How will my application be assessed?
• Who will be assessing my application?
• How long before I get my results and feedback?
• What support will members be offered to understand and use the transformed application materials?
• How will you be supporting us to be successful in our applications?
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System developments

• The independent review referred to a new data portal for assisting Members in collecting the data required for an Athena Swan application. What are the timescales for the new portal coming online?
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Other queries

• Will I need to sign up to the new principles?
• Does the transformed Athena Swan charter include applicants from the Republic of Ireland?
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For further information or advice about how any of these developments affect you personally, please get in touch with the Charters team who can be reached by emailing: