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The transformed UK Athena Swan Charter FAQs: Other queries

The answers to some frequently asked questions about various aspects of the transformed UK Athena Swan Charter.

Will I need to sign up to the new principles?

Any institution, directorate or department intending to submit an application for an Athena Swan Award must first submit confirmation from the head of the organisation (for example, Vice-Chancellor or Head of Department) that they commit to the Charter Principles. You can find a template letter on our website: Once you have returned this letter, you will receive a co-signed certificate which you can use to help promote your gender equality work to your community.

Does the transformed Athena Swan charter include applicants from the Republic of Ireland?

Republic of Ireland applicants should apply under the Higher Education Authority scheme. For further details please go to:

Does the transformed AS charter include applicants from outside of the UK?

The transformed Athena Swan charter only applies in the United Kingdom. Information about the charter programmes outside the UK can be found on the International charters and Athena SWAN Ireland pages.

Can Physics departments convert Juno awards to Athena Swan awards under the transformed charter? 

The Institute of Physics is in the process of reviewing Project Juno as part of their commitment to find and remove barriers for underrepresented groups in Physics. Once this review is complete, we will agree how the Institute of Physics and Advance HE can collaborate to support Physics departments and ensure our services around gender equality are complementary. In the meantime, you can continue converting Juno awards to Athena Swan awards using the Post-May 2015 conversion forms. This will continue to be available until at least November 2022. 

For further information or advice about how any of these developments affect you personally, please get in touch with the Charters team who can be reached by emailing: