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Advance HE is celebrating over 150,000 Fellowships

Having reached a significant milestone in Fellowship, we are inviting our colleagues to join us in celebrating awards to over 150,000 higher education professionals across all four categories working in over 100 countries.

Advance HE has recently reached the milestone of awarding over 150,000 Fellowships to individuals who support teaching and learning in higher education across all four Fellowship categories (as of October 2021). Of the 150,163, there are 1,448 Principal Fellows, 15,763 Senior Fellows, 98,002 Fellows and 34,881 Associate Fellows and an additional 69 Indigenous Associate Fellows working in over 100 countries.

As part of our recognition in reaching this milestone, we are inviting fellows and others who have played a significant role in reaching this milestone, to take part in our social media celebration activity.

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Across four categories, from Associate to Principal, Fellowship provides individuals with recognition of their practice, impact and leadership of teaching and learning.

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Infographic of 150,000 fellows around the world

Download and print your poster

We have a poster available to fellows, and another to those who have supported individuals to become Fellows (e.g. accredited programme leaders, reviewers, mentors, accreditors, etc.). With two to choose from, you can pick the one that best describes you.

Download Resource

150,000 fellows poster - I am one of them

Download Resource

150,000 fellows poster - We helped to create them


Save your digital poster

Don't have access to a printer, or prefer not to use one? You can 'Right click' on the images below and select 'Save image as' to get digital copies of the posters to use on social media.

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There are now over 150,000 fellows and we helped to create them.
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Accessing your Fellowship records

Log in to your Advance HE portal, and click on to "My Profile" and then select "My Certificates" to access your records. You will be able to request a digital copy of your certificate by email.

Please note that the portal will only display your most recent Fellowship award. 

If you haven't used the Advance HE ‘new’ portal before (launched in September 2020) you will need to “sign up” to use your email address even if you have previously used the same email address to access the old My Academy or My LF portals. When you first log in to the portal, you will be invited to update your Profile, we recommend you take the time to do this.

For further support, we have created the following webpages to guide you in accessing your accreditation information: sign up process guidance notes and Sign up Process FAQ Support page.

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