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Arts and Humanities

Arts and Humanities disciplines offer unique spaces in life; places where we can negotiate identities, explore cultures and slip into different ways of being, doing and seeing.

Working in higher education, we travel between the porous and shifting territories of professional, academic, learner and teacher, researcher and creator. We are always being and becoming.

Interdisciplinary by nature, we translate ourselves through word, sound, image and metaphor to deepen our understanding of the world and our relationship to it. Arts and Humanities students live an experience that is truly transformative. Our role at Advance HE is to support you in this process in every way we can.


Advance HE has over 500 resources, which are continually added to and updated, to support teaching within the Arts and Humanities disciplines. These resources will keep you up to date with the latest innovative practice within your area, along with tools which can aid your professional development within higher education teaching.

Our resources are accessed through our Knowledge Hub. Here you can browse:

Are your students prepared for their future?

Advance HE, through its four step process: conceptualising; planning and preparation; implementation, delivery and monitoring, and; completion and closure; can help you to tackle your strategic priorities at a school, faculty or institutional level to support student success, through:

  • Identifying areas of strength and areas for improvement
  • Delivering solutions-based change aimed at tackling your issues
  • Reviewing the success of any initiatives against KPIs and global frameworks
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