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Breastfeeding: facilities and lectures

The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) provides rest and breastfeeding facilities for staff and students. A specific room is provided in a central campus location for rest and breastfeeding – the room has a lockable door and contains comfortable chairs with footstools, a fridge, a microwave, handwashing facilities and lockers. LSE’s policy on supporting students during pregnancy and maternity also emphasises that common rooms can be used for resting.

If a student needs to breastfeed during lectures or seminars, a risk assessment is conducted by the student’s department to ensure the health and safety of the student and her baby, and any risks identified are managed by the LSE’s health and safety team. Where it is possible for the student to take her baby into lectures and seminars, the student is asked to ensure her baby is supervised at all times and to be considerate of other students.