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Socially Distanced Campus and Education

Creating Socially Distanced Campuses and Education Project - Final Capstone Report

In May 2020 Advance HE organised and facilitated five online workshops for an international audience of highly engaged senior educational leaders from across the higher education sector. The workshops were designed as a rapid and generative opportunity for participants to engage with key facets of the central SDCE question (‘when we open our campuses, HOW are we going to do that?’) through collaborative and generative thinking and dialogue. Discussions within the workshops were facilitated around five topic areas, Induction, Space and Place, Design and Delivery, Quality and Inclusion. Additionally, all of the groups were also encouraged to consider four overarching themes in relation to their topic area that were envisaged as threads running through the discussions:

  • Leadership – inspiring collective commitment and achieving focus with kindness, care and compassion;
  • Communication – with students and staff, including supporting staff development needs;
  • Partnership – ‘working with’ rather than just ‘doing for’ students;
  • Wellbeing – students and staff, mental and physical health and wellbeing.

This Capstone Report draws together the SDCE project overall and reflects on the four overarching themes.

SDCE Project - Final Capstone Report
SDCE Project - Final Capstone Report View Document