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Patchwork Assessment Practice Guide

This Guide helps practitioners to develop patchwork assessment processes across a range of domains and aids subsequent implementation at institutional and practitioner levels. It provides practitioners with a set of overarching principles for implementing successful patchwork assessment processes. In addition it covers the parameters of patchwork assessment whilst outlining what falls outside of scope. The Guide considers implications for staff when operationalising patchwork assessment processes and examines possible impact on students. It also provides a set of key questions which practitioners might wish to consider for aiding decision-making about adopting this innovative approach. This is complemented by a series of case studies demonstrating the utility of patchwork assessment processes in a range of contexts as well as providing brief synopses of others' work in this domain alongside further resources.

The primary intention of this Guide is to build confidence in those seeking to use more inclusive forms of assessment - of which patchwork assessment processes can make a substantial contribution - and there is also a longer-term ambition to develop a network of practitioners committed to principles of inclusivity who can use this Guide as a conduit for sharing further ideas and as a springboard for taking patchwork processes to a new level across the sector. Whilst this Guide can be used entirely as a standalone resource it should ideally be read in conjunction with the illustrative case studies and with the HEA Framework for transforming assessment in higher education (2016) upon which many of its key principles are aligned.

Part of the #HEA12days series - get the whole collection of publications and resources here.

Guide Authors:

Stella Jones-Devitt
Head of Student Research and Engagement Directorate of Student Engagement Evaluation and Research Sheffield Hallam University

Megan Lawton
Senior Advisor and Academic Practice Lead The College of Learning and Teaching Directorate of Academic Support University of Wolverhampton

Wendy Mayne
Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader BSc/BSc Hons Nursing Studies School of Health and Life Sciences Glasgow Caledonian University

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