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Innovative teaching practice: should it stay, or should it go now?

27 May 2021 | Professor Sally Bradley Professor Sally Bradley introduces her virtual workshop identifying impactful and effective pedagogic practices for a volatile post Covid-19 world.

The last 12 months have brought many changes to the way we work in higher education. For some, it has been the push to adopt new and unfamiliar approaches.  For others, it has been an opportunity to innovate and change the way they work.  

Balancing tensions: Identifying impactful and effective pedagogic practices for a volatile post Covid-19 world on 17 June, will explore what has worked well, our learnings and identify the good practice which we will continue to take forward into the future. We will use some of the tools which have been useful in working remotely with colleagues, for instance, electronic ‘Post-it notes’ which help to facilitate collaboration online (through Google Jamboards) and Padlet walls to share ideas and discussion points. 

We will use an evidence-based approach to evaluate the innovative practice which has emerged, for example, the WonkHE / Pearson 2021 report Students’ experiences of study during Covid-19 and hopes for future learning and teaching that suggests students have valued online tutorials, and more effective use of discussion boards along with electronic student support.   

What can we take away from this research and how can we improve our student experience? Digital learning does not have to be the poor relation to face-to-face tuition - it can dynamic, agile and engaging, if we design it appropriately.  

Yet we cannot ignore the issues which the pandemic has identified, such as digital poverty and mental wellbeing. We will explore what universities have done to support these students and how this can be improved going forward.  

Some of the conversations I’ve been having would suggest that we won’t return to our “old” ways, so what has changed for good? What will hybrid higher education look and feel like? 

Join me to hear and share good practice, ask questions and receive encouragement to adopt different ways of working. 


Professor Sally Bradley is Senior Adviser (Professional Learning and Development) at Advance HE. 

Balancing tensions: Identifying impactful and effective pedagogic practices for a volatile post Covid-19 world with Prof Sally Bradley will run on 17 June 2021. Find out more about the workshop and book your place 

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