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Navigating the challenges posed by digital transformation

05 Dec 2023 | John Sumpter John Sumpter, Senior Consultant Education, introduces Advance HE’s new ‘Leading Digital Transformation Change Impact Programme (CHiP)’, designed to support participating institutions stay at the forefront of digital innovation in education.

Digital transformation is a huge issue because...

In today's rapidly evolving higher education landscape, digital transformation is a monumental challenge owing to the disruptive impact of technology. Universities worldwide grapple with the necessity of adapting to the shifting terrain, encompassing everything from bolstering digital literacy to embracing innovative teaching methodologies and implementing data-driven decision-making. The absence of a robust digital culture becomes a stumbling block, hindering institutions from thriving in this dynamic environment.

So they need to be considering...

To successfully navigate the challenges posed by digital transformation, higher education institutions must consider several crucial aspects. Cultivating a digital culture should be prioritized, fostering an environment that values digital literacy, innovation, collaboration, and data-informed decision-making. Recognizing the pivotal role of strong digital leadership is essential in defining the trajectory of an institution and ensuring successful adaptation to the evolving higher education landscape.

That’s why we are offering...

To address these challenges, we present the Leading Digital Transformation Change Impact Programme (CHiP). This initiative is designed to work collaboratively with higher education organizations, offering insights and solutions to build a successful digital culture. By joining CHiP, participants gain first-hand knowledge, insights, and a tailored institutional report to inform future practices. The benefits include demonstrating commitment to digital transformation, increased accountability through a collaborative approach, and opportunities to share ideas for interventions and projects. Participants become part of a dynamic Digital Transformation network, fostering ongoing knowledge exchange and mutual learning.

Key information and structure of the project

The CHiP, starting in April 2024, spans six months and accommodates a maximum of 12 places.The deadline for programme enrollment is 31 January 2024. The structured project includes six distinct events, such as 'Designing Tomorrow' and 'Digital Transformation in Action: Success Stories Workshop,' culminating in participants' integration into a digital transformation network on Advance HE’s Connect platform. The project employs survey-based assessments, data-driven analysis, and benchmarking to provide actionable recommendations, ensuring participating institutions stay at the forefront of digital innovation in education.

"In today's ever-evolving higher education landscape, digital transformation is no longer an option but a necessity. Our Leading Digital Transformation Change Impact Programme (CHiP) offers an exclusive opportunity for a maximum of 12 institutions to lead this change.

What CHiP Offers:

  • Exclusive Access: Limited spots ensure focused collaboration
  • Tailored Insights: Gain an institutional report and first-hand knowledge
  • Collaborative Network: Join a dynamic platform for ongoing knowledge exchange.

Enrolment for this transformative six-month program ends on 31 January 2024. Don't miss this chance to position your institution at the forefront of digital innovation in higher education. Find out more about the programme here, or to secure your place contact us directly on


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