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Gilmar Queiros

Gilmar Queiros is the Head of Skills and Apprenticeships at the University of Hertfordshire. Gilmar has worked with a number of universities in the UK, supporting the development of apprenticeships and work-based learning (WBL). He is passionate about powering talent through WBL and a key supporter of this agenda, nationally.
University of Hertfordshire
Job Title
Head of Skills & Apprenticeships

Gilmar Queiros is the Head of Skills and Apprenticeships in Enterprise & Business Development at the University of Hertfordshire. Gilmar has worked with a number of universities in the UK, supporting and developing their apprenticeship and work-based learning provision. 

Gilmar previously worked at Universities UK where he supported the development of apprenticeship standards for the Higher Education (HE) sector through one of the largest Trailblazer consortia in England, consisting of over 100 Universities across the UK. 

Gilmar is passionate about skills and helping businesses and their relevant workforces, grow and develop. Gilmar has served senior strategic roles such as a University Trustee, Charity Trustee and Academic Board Member, whilst supporting advisory and reference groups via the Department for Education, Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education, Office for Students, University Vocational Awards Council, University Alliance and most recently acted as board member of the national Apprenticeship Diversity Champions Network. 

Gilmar is committed to transforming learner outcomes through work-based learning and has an acute drive towards powering potential and diversifying opportunities to learners regardless of their background, with a specific focus on social mobility and widening participation across the country.

In 2020 Gilmar guest edited a published Special Issue of University Vocational Awards Council (UVAC) & Emerald Publishing’s Higher Education, Skills and Work-based Learning academic journal, entitled: “Higher and Degree Apprenticeships: Equality & Diversity Matter.” Since its publication, Gilmar has received Ministerial praise in his timely and thought provoking journal, which included the views of senior representatives across a range of prestigious organisations. 

To date, Gilmar has led the recruitment of over 1,500 apprentices across the country and in partnership with key national private and public sector organisations. Gilmar is determined to enhance the impact of the skills provision across the country through his continuous advocacy work and innovative approaches.