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Fostering Inclusion in Higher Education

Development to support the understanding of common issues, design of inclusive support services, and development of accessible campus environments and make everyone feel welcome at your institution.

New Fostering Inclusion in Higher Education

Download your copy of our new Fostering Inclusion in Higher Education events brochure for 2021–22. Celebrating best practice and development to support the understanding of common issues, design of inclusive support
services, and development of accessible campus environments to make everyone feel welcome.

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Inclusion within higher education presents complex challenges for the sector including increased regulatory attention on the broader student experience or an increased desire to engage with students through a range of new techniques and technologies. There is a need for the institution to ensure that as it evolves that it is welcome environment for all. 

Our portfolio will support your institution to help make everyone feel welcome.  

We bring a wealth of expertise to our portfolio of services in fostering inclusion, identifying the drivers for change in the Equality in HE Statistical Report, and our work across the sector, such as the support of the Disabled Students Commission, and providing the forum for the sharing good practice in our conferences and symposia such as the EDI Conference. 

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Download your copy of our programmes and events brochure for 2021-22.

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Mental Wellbeing in HE Conference 2022

Delivered in collaboration with MWB in HE, this one-day conference will address issues of mental wellbeing across all aspects of higher education
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Student engagement

Student Engagement Conference 2022

This one-day virtual conference will focus on good practice in engaging students, the student voice and student participation in the governance and decision-making processes within HE.
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EDI Workshop Series

These workshops will offer practical advice, guidance, policy information, frameworks and toolkits to support positive change within departments, schools, faculties and institutions in areas such as race equality, challenging privilege, and dignity and respect. Themes covered as part of our EDI series include:

  • Introduction to EDI in Teaching and Learning
  • Inclusive and Equitable Assessment and Feedback
  • Inclusive Curriculum
  • Inclusive Engagement
  • Leading on Inclusive Teaching and Learning
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EDI workshop

EDI Colloquia

Race Equality Colloquium

A one-day virtual event that provides a safe space to discuss ways to address inequalities of race within higher education.
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Gender Equality Colloquium 2022

A one-day virtual event that provides a safe space to discuss ways to address gender inequalities within higher education.
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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Conference 2022

This conference will focus on ensuring that approaches to EDI work for all and addressing current and future challenges and opportunities. Through forecasting emerging EDI topics and priorities in the sector, it will create space for reflection and capacity building.

The conference will dig deep to explore hidden and emerging EDI issues, and highlight the best examples of creative interventions that are contributing to change. As well as sharing best practice across the sector, there will be a focus on innovative approaches from outside HE and further education that have relevance to us.

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News, views and resources

Reports and Publications

With over 15 years of resources to access and as convener of current thinking, knowledge and insight into the key sector opportunities and challenges, Advance HE’s exists to help higher education shape its future. Examples of our work in tackling race inequality include:

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