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GDP: Student Governor 2 - Reviewing Progress and Accelerating Development

De Vere, Grand Connaught Rooms, London
County / Region
United Kingdom
Position on the Pathway
Governor's Pathway
Fellowship Category
Event Type
Face to Face Networking Events
Start Date
End Date
Full day event
Institution Type
Higher Education and Further Education
Price From
£325 (Member)


Day 2 of the Student Governor Programme is designed to provide a valuable opportunity for reflection, skills development, network mapping, and guidance on end-of-year handovers.

Building upon the foundation laid on Day 1 in September, Day 2 will offer a dedicated space for Student Governors to reflect on their experiences and share their insights. It will also serve as a platform to plan and strategize for maximizing their impact in the second half of the year. Engaging sessions on skills development and action plans will equip participants with practical tools and knowledge to enhance their effectiveness.

For experienced Student Governors, there will be tailored activities and content that build upon their previous experiences, focusing on skill refinement and optimizing future contributions. Expert facilitation and advice will be available to support their ongoing growth and development.

It's important to note that Day 2 is part of a comprehensive two-day programme, however attendance on Day 1 is not a prerequisite. Regardless of whether you have attended Day 1 or not, you are welcome to book and participate in this standalone event.

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