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Surveys & Insights Conference 2020

This conference provides an opportunity to discuss and debate the potential of insights from surveys, metrics, qualitative research and wider methods of capturing the student voice.


Maximising reach and developing potential

Surveys, measurement tools, metrics and the wider insight that such tools generate have a key role to play in helping maximise the reach and quality of provision within the sector.

By gathering and acting on such insight, institutions, sector agencies, researchers and policymakers can work together to help students maximise their potential.

The Advance HE Surveys & Insights Conference provides an opportunity to discuss and debate the potential of insight from surveys, metrics, qualitative research and wider methods of capturing the voice of the student for driving excellence and enhancement within higher education.

Each Advance HE Surveys & Insights Conference brings together keynote speakers, papers, posters and workshops with an aim to explore real examples of how innovative approaches to measurement and feedback have been employed to deliver impactful findings which have driven real change.

The conference also provides an opportunity for networking and helping to foster discussions which will be beneficial across the sector. Past delegates have included colleagues from institutions (from both further and higher education) with an academic as well as professional services / support / administrative focus, together with representatives from sector agencies, charitable organisations, research and policy bodies, as well as providers of research and insight services.


Dates: 29 April 2020
Venue: Sheffield Hallam University
Who: All higher education professionals

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Call for Papers

  • The call for papers is now open.
  • The call deadline is midnight on 30 January 2020.
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Call for papers and guide to submissions



The conference will include a mixture of keynote sessions, workshops, papers and poster presentations. We welcome papers from practitioners, academics, customer insight professionals, survey specialists, policymakers and anybody with an interest in how surveys and metrics are being employed to make a difference to the quality of provision in education. Papers taking either a strategic or a practical approach are welcome, as are submissions from institutions and organisations both within and outside the higher education sector. Each conference stream focuses on a different aspect of surveys and wider metrics.

Whilst we welcome proposals on a broad range of topics the conference will revolve around four themes.

  • Student development and outcomes: Gathering data from students to assess their development and learning gain during their studies, as well as measures taken to predict or measure their outcomes after completing their studies. How can student development be maximised and what role can survey methods play in helping students reach their potential?
  • Widening participation: How can we use insight to ensure that provision is attracting, reaching and delivering effectively to a fully representative student population? How can the experience of diverse students groups be measured in order to help drive a consistent experience?
  • Teaching excellence: How can we use insight from surveys and metrics to inform our own practice and help us measure teaching quality? How can excellence be measured and compared both nationally and in a global context? Innovative approaches to measuring excellence in teaching and learning.
  • Maximising the experience and wellbeing of all types of students: How can we use insight to understand which types of students may not be having the most positive experience and to help put measures in place to address this. Are the experiences of, for example, BME and Commuter students sufficiently understood? What can be done to improve this? How can student wellbeing be measured most effectively in order to provide information to help institutions support students in the right way?

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