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Top Management Programme for Higher Education - Australia and New Zealand

A tried and tested development opportunity specifically created for those in Australia and New Zealand, in an executive role in a higher education institution

The challenges facing higher education both in Australia and New Zealand continue to grow in their scale and complexity; this emphasises the need for institutions to have confident, forward thinking and effective executive leadership with the agility and innovation to respond.

Executive leaders need space and opportunity to think differently and build effective networks, skills and insights to sustain their roles and contribution for both their personal benefit and be a fully contributing member of the Executive team.

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Top Management Programme for Higher Education - Australia and New Zealand

Start date: 5th February 2020

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The Top Management Programme for Higher Education, which has run for some 15 years in the UK, has now been adapted intelligently for delivery to senior HE leaders in Australia and New Zealand. It is designed to equip senior leaders with the necessary skills to extend your thinking and practice, and to face the challenges of HE leadership at an executive level.

  • The core curriculum of the programme is based on what makes an effective executive leader in HE.
  • The programme provides a truly agile learning experience drawn from exposure to new ideas and new ways of delivering innovation and change.
  • Programme participants are a “true” peer group, currently working as part of or about to become part of an executive team or in a role with significant cross-institution responsibility.
  • The programme supports innovation skills development in HE.
  • Learning and development is placed within a real time context, is immersive and the participants inform the learning throughout in a responsive and co-created approach.
  • The international module takes participants outside their immediate perspective on the sector, providing an opportunity to reflect on approaches in another country/region.
  • As a cohort of influential figures TMP HE alumni and guest contributors collaborate within the “cohort community”, influencing and shaping debate in the sector.

Developing the next generation of Vice-Chancellors

TMP has been a really important part of my career development for senior leadership. I particularly valued the impact group structure which opened the door to insightful and challenging sessions including around my own leadership and communications style, as well as offering opportunities to think in-depth about effective institutional approaches to problem solving and about motivating senior teams to achieve this.

I thoroughly recommend the programme as a fantastic pathway for those who aspire to top leadership positions in higher education.”

Professor Romy Lawson
Murdoch University

How is the programme delivered

TMP HE is an open programme delivered in a cohort structure. There is a strong emphasis on ensuring that each cohort is a diverse peer group, enhancing the learning experience. The programme is split over the three residential weeks with a variety of content delivered face to face and  with an impact group day during modules one and three. Week two is an immersive international module allowing participants to access new insights and perspectives on leading in a global HE landscape.

TMP HE’s truly agile delivery method means that the programme content and delivery is shaped by its participants whilst ensuring delivery of the defined curriculum.

What are the programme outcomes

Successful completion of TMP HE benefits the participant and their institution. The institution benefits from the building of confident leaders who are nuanced and effective, to achieve improved performance, gain the tools to shape institutional strategy, position or culture and develop a reflective/strategic approach to supporting and challenging others to lead.

Participants develop the skills and experience to bring about change through engaging people, work through collaboration and diversity and gain experience by applying their learning through a personal leadership project which benefits the sponsoring institution as it develops the individual leader.

Participants will join the TMP HE global alumni community (currently over 900 members) and continue to benefit from a vibrant support network, informing and steering debate in the sector, developing collective leadership.



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More information and how to apply

Top Management Programme for Higher Education Australia and New Zealand - Enquiry Pack

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