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Future Professional Directors

Future Professional Directors (FPD) has been designed in partnership with nine sector bodies to create a unique programme for aspiring leaders of professional services from all areas of the university/institution

Realising the full potential of those who aspire to lead professional services across their institution can be difficult even for those that have demonstrated strong leadership potential in their current role.

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Developing the next generation of professional directors

Using a challenging in-at-the-deep-end approach, this programme will focus on strategy and organisational change from day one. Integrated alongside these primary themes will be opportunities to reflect on the core skills that really position people as leaders, such as aspects of personality and style, interpersonal influence, creating impact, and team development. Inspiring commitment and strengthening engagement are the gateways to successful change no matter how sound or solid the planning.

Future Professional Directors will create a unique opportunity for aspiring leaders from across institutions and across all professional services to work together to explore, discover and enhance their strategic leadership potential. This learning community, sharing experiences and insights from a wide range of professional perspectives, will be a key feature of the programme.

Future Professional Directors has been formed in partnership with the following stakeholders:

Joining Future Professional Directors

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FPD 9 sector bodies

The content and the people on Future Professional Directors was amazing. My colleagues on the programme were fantastic and challenging, and having so many like-minded people in one room gave us the ability to talk freely and openly about today’s opportunities and challenges we face in the sector, so much so we will be a close network for years to come after the programme has finished."

Chris Parry, Head of Global IT Change Delivery (Academic Portfolio), University of Nottingham

How is the programme delivered

FPD is an open programme delivered in a cohort structure. FPD has three residential modules over nine months. It is also supported by an online learning process through which you will work in small groups to develop your leadership challenges. 

Residential one ‘Leading in a culture of change’:

This intensive module features a live case study focusing on an ongoing change project at a host institution. Throughout the module you will explore your leadership style and values, and how you use this as you position yourself as a leader of change. 

Residential two ‘Leading across the organisation’:

The focus of this module will be boundary spanning leadership, which will be explored through a simulation activity. You will receive group and personal feedback on the simulation, in which you are challenged with taking on a role and working with your peers toward a shared organisational goal. Concepts of negotiation, emotional intelligence and building and developing teams will be explored.

Residential three ‘Leading strategic engagement’:

Developing and delivering strategy will feature in this module. You will work on a given strategic scenario, analysing and developing strategic priorities.

What are the programme outcomes

Successful completion of FPD benefits the participant and their institution.

The institution benefits from participants enhancing their potential to lead with focus and integrity in a rapidly evolving higher education landscape. As a result of the programme, participants will challenge both themselves and others within the institution.

Participants will learn how to be strategic when collaboratively engaging with others and working across boundaries to plan and implement significant change. They will develop skills and approaches for dealing with challenges, whether it is institutional change, developing partnerships or interpersonal conflict.

Participants will acquire an in-depth appreciation of professional services and education issues in Higher Education that will help you interpret, penetrate and respond to your organisational conflict. They will explore personal leadership style and strengths, and how to capitalise on this when considering their next career step.


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