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Teaching and Learning for Student Success in Higher Education

Celebrating best practice and development to support the achievement of sustainable teaching excellence.

The ability of the institution to be able to deliver quality teaching in higher education has never been more important than it is now. The need to adapt to new delivery methods and in many cases review the curriculum design has created unprecedented challenges but also an opportunity to reflect in depth on multiple aspects of current policy and practice.  

Our portfolio will both celebrate best practice and recognise opportunities for future development, ultimately aspiring to achieve sustainable teaching excellence. 

We bring a wealth of expertise to our portfolio of services in teaching and learning, our Student Success frameWORKS are informed by research and developed with the sector and by the sector and are embedded into teaching and learning practice across HE, and events conferences and symposia have built a knowledge base of best practice that we curate and share with the global HE community. 

News and views

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New to Teaching

Enhance your teaching practices

Advance HE has designed New to Teaching, aimed at nurturing and developing contemporary professional learning, with a particular focus on online pedagogies and digital delivery within a fully virtual or hybrid teaching spaces. The programme models approaches and activities which can be taken into HE teaching, positioning the participant as a learner in online spaces and inviting them to reflect critically on the experiences in order to enhance their own teaching practices.

New to Teaching is a course aimed specifically at those who are new to teaching in HE, new to delivering courses via online platforms, or have received no formal training in HE teaching.

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Virtual Teaching

In the face of the continuing effects of the global pandemic, many university teaching staff need to adjust to a socially distanced campus, teaching in both hybrid and online spaces.

Effective and engaging teaching in socially distanced campus and an online or blended environment requires an understanding of effective pedagogies for online and hybrid teaching. Even for those who are experienced teachers but inexperienced virtual or online teachers this can feel challenging.

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Employability Symposium 2021

Promoting good practice where employability is part of the curriculum
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Assessment and Feedback Symposium 2020

Consider how assessment and feedback practices and how these might be enhanced, improved, and made more inclusive
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Curriculum Design/Development Symposium

This symposium will offer reflections, insights and solutions to issues of curriculum design.
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Innovation in Teaching Practice Workshops

These virtual one-day workshops have been designed to equip participants to lead change and monitor impact, as well as providing insights beneficial to help you recognise your contribution to your team and the wider institution. Each of the six upcoming workshops will focus on a different area of teaching and learning practice and will develop your skills through the use of practical tools and tips. The workshops provide practical support to introduce new innovative teaching practice developments and to assist you with implementing policy at module, programme, departmental or faculty level.

Workshop Structure

Each virtual workshop will be led by a Principal or Senior Advisor in the Advance HE Knowledge, Innovation and Delivery team and, for some workshops, delivery will be in partnership with an Associate of Advance HE. The format of the day will provide an interactive forum for learning, sharing practice and overcoming barriers to excellent teaching.

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Innovation in Teaching Practice Workshops
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