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EDI Workshop Series

During 2019-20 we will be running a series of workshops focused on equality, diversity and inclusivity topics to support practitioners, managers and leaders within HE institutions across the UK.

COVID-19 update

In light of the current global COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak the delivery date and format of EDI Workshops has been affected, individual events for more information. See our COVID-19 updates page for the latest information on our services.


These workshops will offer practical advice, guidance, policy information, frameworks and toolkits to support positive change within departments, schools, faculties and institutions in areas such as race equality, challenging privilege, and dignity and respect.

Who: All higher education professionals

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Leading Race Equality in Higher Education

Consisting of two one-day sessions, this workshop brings together those who are leading on one of the most significant challenges to equality and inclusion in HE to foster a community of change agents. Effective leaders of race equality need to be able to combine knowledge and understanding of race and racism with personal insight into their own position within the construct of race. This workshop provides the opportunity to increase your personal and institutional readiness to engage with racial inequalities by building the knowledge, skills and resilience needed to lead effective change on race equality.

The workshop provides an intensive opportunity to explore the issues of race and racial inequality in a safe and supportive environment. It focuses on the mechanisms and impact of racial inequality, as well as approaches to address these including Critical Race Theory. Finally, participants will learn about developing a strategic and practical approach to race equality, initiatives for advancing race equality, and how to develop appropriate and effective actions and solutions that will drive institutional engagement for progress on race equality.

Leading Race Equality in HE

Date: 18 June & 14 July 2020
Venue: TBC
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Challenging privilege and the danger of the single story

This one-day workshop aims to deepen understanding of the barriers to equality, diversity and inclusion that exist in HE through an examination of how majority group privilege reinforces structural and cultural inequalities. Using author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s concept of the single story as a means of exploring the limitations on our understanding of difference, participants will explore how privilege operates, the impact on different protected groups and what practical steps we can take to address inequality.

Participants will benefit from an enhanced understanding of how majority group privilege sustains inequality and negatively impacts upon the experiences of minority group students and staff and an increased awareness of the practical steps that institutions can take to address the impact of privilege and build belonging for all students and staff.

"I had very high expectations of this workshop. Not only were those expectations met they were exceeded. It was a fantastic and highly valuable workshop  and I feel privileged that I could take part"

- Challenging privilege and the danger of the single story 2018 delegate

Challenging Privilege and the danger of the single story (York)

Date: 1 July 2020
Venue: Advance HE, York
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EDI and the TEF

The Teaching Excellence Framework places a great deal of emphasis on ensuring that the assessment of teaching excellence considers all students, regardless of ‘disadvantage’ or background, both in its stated aims and in its methodology. Aimed at staff responsible for preparing TEF submissions, the workshop will be delivered by both EDI and TEF specialists.

With the introduction of subject-level TEF, subject-level academic leaders will be required to reflect on and respond to their metrics with regard to demonstrating the inclusion of the equality, diversity and inclusion agenda and produce compelling narratives for their submissions.

This one-day workshop will focus on the EDI considerations within the TEF and offer advice on how to align your current EDI work to your TEF submission, and conversely, how to use the TEF submission as a framework for identifying and improving EDI issues within your institution.

EDI and TEF (York)

Date: 11 June 2020
Venue: Advance HE, York
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