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HEA Action Research: Sector Case studies

To complement the exploration of action research given in the HEA action research practice guide (Arnold and Norton 2018) we offer a collection of case studies to provide a snapshot of the types of action research being undertaken across the higher education (HE) sector. These case studies were submitted by colleagues following a single request on a mailing list.  The cases incorporate diverse themes including curriculum development interactive teaching methods use of technology in teaching students as researchers teacher education student transition and inclusive practice. These issues offer a glimpse into the concerns of higher education practitioners.

Each case study provides an individual’s story of their action research journey. These accounts are not full research reports. They provide personal insights into the work that was undertaken assessments of the impact that their research has had on practice and a summary of any lessons learnt in the process.

Further Discussion

You can continue the discussion on action research in the HEA Communities of Practice or catch up with Dr Lydia Arnold on twitter @HarperEdDev.


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