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Governance Resources

Advance HE is committed to producing and sharing news, guidance, research, publications, resources and toolkits to support good governance. 

Advance HE uses expertise in governance to support and convene governing bodies throughout higher education, aiding with board effectiveness, governor development, strategic sessions and wider support for the governance community. 

In partnership with experts from the sector, we produce a range of materials, collate helpful information and provide tailored services to ensure that Governors and Governance Professionals have everything they need to promote good governance in their institutions.

You can find a selection of these resources below for quick access. Additional resources are available in our Governance section.

Governance events

We have a number of events available as part of our Governor Development Programme. These events have been designed to help you develop and refine your skills.

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Governance News Alerts

Our Governance News Alerts are designed for Governors, University Secretaries and Clerks and well as all those supporting or interested in governance in HE. 

Our Governance Editor regularly posts summaries and links to the latest governance news and reports. Signing up to our Governance News Alerts ensures you receive this news directly to your inbox, allowing you to stay up-to-date with the latest information and changes.

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Supporting Governor and governance professionals development in 2020-21

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Governance Brochure

Codes of Governance

There are two specific codes of governance applying to the higher education sector in the UK:

The UK Corporate Code of Governance applies to large public quoted companies and is updated every two years.

The Code is seen as a reference point for good governance. In addition, a number of other helpful resources are available on the CUC publications page.

Academic Governance

Academic governance encompasses academic matters including student admissions, subject curriculum, assessment of students, academic standards and academic quality. The Senate or an equivalent Body (e.g. Academic Board or Court) are therefore responsible for ensuring an institution’s standards are maintained, quality is defined and monitored, and that there is continuous improvement.

We also have a number of case studies available from our work with institutions across the sector, which provide examples of how key enablers have been used in specific situations. 

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Reviewing Academic Governance in higher education: a framework

Drawing on both our own work and that of the Committee of University Chairs (CUC), this Framework sets out some key factors for the consideration of academic governance effectiveness and is intended as a tool to support higher and further education institutions in their academic governance reviews.

Insight Guide: governing bodies and academic assurance

In 2017 we published Insight Guide: governing bodies and academic assurance following a review undertaken on behalf of Hefce, Hefcw and DfE NI. The review sought to understand and evaluate current practice and to provide support for governing body development.

Governor Dialogues

These three films on the theme of good governance build on the  Governor Dialogues Project undertaken by Mary Joyce, Advance HE Governance Associate. 

In these films, experts from across the sector explore questions such as: what contributes to an effective board culture, how can boards ensure that they are in touch with the experiences of students studying in their universities and how can boards improve their diversity?


Board culture and good governance

This film explores a number of key elements that help make a board effective as well as exploring how boards create a culture that facilitates good governance, creates healthy debate and fosters diversity of thought.



The student experience

This film explores what boards are doing to ensure they understand students’ experience of studying in their university and how they respond to students’ needs.




Board Diversity

This film explores some of the dilemmas and solutions in improving the diversity of university boards.

Governance Briefing Notes

These downloadable summaries have been designed to support you in addressing different aspects of governance and can be disseminated as a helpful resource to colleagues who are new to particular areas of governance.

Each draws on the latest thinking and legalisation, providing a helpful guide to re-familiarise yourself with specific issues as they arise.

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Getting to Grips Guides

As the governance of universities and HE colleges in the UK evolves, there are major implications for members of governing bodies. These include increasing expectations about how they undertake their role, a greater focus on measuring institutional performance and coming to terms with an increasingly complex environment. All this means that Governors need to be well prepared for their roles so that they can contribute effectively to their boards from the outset. The Getting to Grips guides provide a comprehensive introduction and overview of key areas of HE and the responsibilities of Governors.

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Board Diversification

As has been well documented, diversity within boards of those from under-represented groups is an important challenge for the higher education sector. Reports such as the Parker Review and the Davies Report, as well as Women Count by Norma Jarboe have highlighted the need for sector leaders to be more proactive in establishing and promoting diversity on boards.

Diversity Principles Framework

Following the publication of the report ‘Increasing the diversity of senior leaders in higher education: the role of executive search firms’  authored by Professor Simonetta Manfredi in March 2017, we have published a diversity principles framework to support greater diversity in board appointments. 

The framework was constructed by consulting executive search firms in the higher education sector along with HR representatives. The framework builds on recommendations from Professor Manfredi’s report combined with the outcomes from the consultation. Executive search firms and hiring institutions can use the document for support when working together on board appointments.

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Board Recruitment Framework

In line with the diversity principles framework, Advance HE has also launched a board recruitment framework. This includes guidelines for preparing job descriptions, person specifications and advert texts for board roles which are inclusive. This framework was constructed by combining resources from Advance HE with the Core Skills framework co-produced by the Scottish government Public Appointments Team and Commissioner for Ethical Standards in Public Life in Scotland’s office. 

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Getting into Governance

For those interested in finding out more about governance in higher education or becoming a Governor themselves, We have a range of helpful resources and information that provides an introduction to various topics: 

Guidance to Support the Induction of New Governors

This guide has been written to provide a supporting document for institutions in the induction of new governors or for anyone wanting to understand more about the key elements of being a governor and the governance landscape of higher education.

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Guidance to support the induction of new governors