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Work Related Learning Focus: Ulster University

20 Sep, 2017

QMUL Undergraduate History Journal

31 Jul, 2014

Teaching Australian History: Perspectives approaches sources and further reading

15 Jul, 2014

Welcome to the Sahel: an interdisciplinary resource-bank of sustainable development perspectives for English environmental science history and religious studies undergraduates

11 Jul, 2014

Student Essay Award 2009 "Why I chose to study History Classics or Archaeology at University"

11 Jul, 2014

History students experiencing the workplace

11 Jul, 2014

Environmental History

11 Jul, 2014

Historical insights: teaching North American history using images and material culture

22 Oct, 2013

Introducing students to the practice of History

21 Aug, 2013

Learning to teach: Exploring the history and role of higher education in teacher education

01 Jul, 2013