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The future of the student voice? Policy, principles, practice

This project explores how Higher Education Institutions value and represent the student's voice and commit to using it to drive positive change.

This project focuses on the student voice – how higher education institutions value and represent the student voice and commit to using it to drive positive change.

The review of the National Student Survey (NSS), was prompted in part by criticism around the administrative burden that student surveys allegedly create, and there has been wider debate about how student satisfaction links to quality; however, we believe that student feedback is a powerful tool for change, and we want to provide a platform for our members to share new and innovative practice which represents the student voice in a way which drives forward the discussion on quality,

Surveys, measurement tools, qualitative research and other techniques have a key role to play in capturing the student voice but they only form part of the picture. Through a series of case studies, a research report and a live event, the theme will examine the importance of representing student views both overall and during the Covid-19 pandemic.

    An Advance HE member benefit

    The project is an Advance HE member benefit and is open to colleagues at Advance HE member institutions. 

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    Vlog - introduction to the theme

    In his vlog, Advance HE's Head of Business Intelligence and Surveys introduces this month's theme and discusses the aims and outputs of the month. 

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    Webinar - The future of the student voice in the post-NSS world? Policy, principles, practice.

    On Wednesday 30 June we hosted an interactive webinar bringing together practitioners, students and sector commentators to discuss the immediate future of the student voice in light of the high profile review of the National Student Survey (NSS).

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    What can EDI work in UK higher education learn from Black Lives Matter?”

    We published a research report that focused on a sample of actions undertaken by UK higher education institutions in response to the Black Lives Matter protests that occurred in the UK and around world from May 2020. Rather than evaluate what institutions did (or did not do) in light of criticisms aired by students and staff, the report offers an accessible introduction to how EDI practitioners might ‘build on’ issues brought to the fore by Black Lives Matter to advance structural change within their institution.

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    Case study series

    Our series of four case studies will showcase a range of approaches and best practice across different institutions and the impact they have had at all levels.

    A design thinking project for minority ethnic students at Swansea University

    Swansea Academy of Inclusivity and Learner Success (SAILS) works with staff and students across Swansea University to enhance academic and pastoral support with a focus on students from underrepresented groups

    Download the case study

    Student Voice and Partnership: An institutional approach at the University of Reading

    Part of our Connect Member Benefit series focusing on the future of the student voice, this case study outlines the benefits and impact of two institution-wide initiatives introduced in the wake of a global pandemic to embed student voice and partnerships at the University of Reading.

    Download the case study

    Collaboration and co-production during Covid-19: a reflection on the mutual benefits of partnership working with the Student Voice at the University of Salford

    This case study details the development of the working relationship between the University of Salford Students’ Union and University of Salford for the betterment of the student experience and the removal of barriers to learning.

    Download the case study

    A Unique Student Advisor Service

    This case study details the Student Advisor Service launched by Falmouth University designed to find students at risk of withdrawal, hear their specific situations, and give tailored advice from their database of abundant support and resources available to students. 

    Download the case study
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    Advance HE Connect our online network that is open to all those who work in HE providing a space where the sector can share, connect and collaborate in one place with 22,000 HE peers from 100 countries around the globe. The platform features special interest groups, events and collaborative projects. 

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