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Connect Event Series

The start of the 2019-20 Advance HE membership year saw the introduction of a significantly enhanced range of member benefits. As part of this enhanced range we launched our ‘Connect Event Series’ of webinars and face-to-face events, open to all those who work for an Advance HE member institution.



The Connect Event Series webinars are driven by the desire to provide a more sustainable, digital approach to engaging with our members as well as ensuring we are taking a forward thinking approach to member support. The webinars have the alternating themes of ‘facing the future’ and ‘global perspectives’ and focus on creating and sharing new knowledge as well as an opportunity to engage in discussion with colleagues from Advance HE member institutions globally. All of the webinars are recorded, so if you are unable to join them live, you can catch up in our Advance HE Connect group.

Who: Advance HE members

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Facing the Future Webinars

Our 'Facing the Future' webinars are timed for a UK audience. View our 'Facing the Future' webinars below. Free of charge to individuals who are part of Advance HE member institutions.

Doing leadership – with humanity, from the middle out

Date: 28 February 2020
Venue: Online

People tasked with ‘showing leadership’ frequently find their actions constrained by time-hungry, admin-burdened systems and ill-fitting structures. In this webinar, we explore the experiences of finding the wiggle room in the HE systems to do leadership with humanity and of finding a voice in evolving said systems towards ‘better’.

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Dual role of the academic

Date: 24 April 2020
Venue: Online

The fifth webinar of the Facing the Future series is entitled ‘Dual Role of the Academic’. The objective is to provide thought-provoking, forward-looking ideas and to stimulate discussion on the balancing research and teaching. The webinar will look at different lenses of the dual role of the academic. Speakers will address the challenges of balancing research and teaching, 3rd space academics, industry experience vs academic career and professoriate: Leadership and management vs. research or teaching.
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Global Perspectives Webinars

Our ‘Global Perspectives’ webinars are timed for a worldwide audience and therefore usually fall outside core hours in the UK and will be recorded to allow access within the individuals normal working pattern. View our 'Global Perspectives' webinars below. Free of charge to individuals who are part of Advance HE member institutions. 

Designing an inclusive curriculum: global perspectives on embracing diversity

Date: 29 January 2020
Venue: Online

This webinar aims to provide thought-provoking, forward-looking ideas and to stimulate discussion on curriculum design and diversity. Experiences and speakers will be from across globe.
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Igniting a spark: Creativity in higher education

Date: 27 March 2019
Venue: Online

The fourth webinar of the Global Perspectives Series is entitled ‘Igniting a spark - creativity in higher education’ .The objective is to provide thought-provoking, forward-looking ideas and to stimulate discussion on the importance of creativity in HE.
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Advance HE Connect 

Missed one of our webinars? You can join our Advance HE Member Events group on Advance HE Connect.

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Past webinars

Facing the Future: What is HE For? 
30 August 2019

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Past webinars

Global Perspectives - Professionalising Teaching in HE: building a global standard of professional recognition
9 October 2019

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Face to Face Events

In addition to the webinar series, we will also be holding four member-networking events over the course of the year. The events are in the format of workshops and aim to encourage member institutions to come together and explore solutions to key thematic challenges. The workshops will cover the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Leading the Academy, Governance and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion and aim to provide participants with the opportunity to hear from thought leaders and participate in conversation on how their institutions are preparing the next generation of learners for living, learning and working in an ever-changing technological environment. 

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Face to Face Event

The puzzle of positive motivation

Tuesday 14 January 2020 | Bristol
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