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A model process for undertaking strategic EIA

This model is set in the context of EIA and institutional strategy.

This guidance, funded by the Scottish Funding Council (SFC), was developed by Advance HE in collaboration with Scottish college and university partners.

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Strategic Equality Impact Assessment
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Equality Impact Assessment in Scotland
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Practical guidance for Scottish colleges and universities
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Key information for leaders and other specific staff groups
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A model process for undertaking strategic EIA
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Summary of conclusions and key recommendations
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Practical tools and information
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The suggested model for strategic EIA prompts institutions to consider:

  • How institutional equality priorities are identified.
  • How strategic EIA takes place and effectively embeds these priorities within institutional strategic commitments and other areas of strategy and related activity.    

The model will help institutions to address and enhance their approaches to meeting and representing equality and access requirements within strategy. The suggested model should also help to ensure wider institutional equality aims are met and legal public sector equality duty (PSED) obligations more effectively considered, aligned and mainstreamed. A simple overview of the model is included below.

EIA 4 step process

More detailed process maps of this model linked to a generic approach to strategic EIA are included in the practical tools and information section.

A strategic model for EIA

A detailed process map of the model, a checklist of key good practice principles for strategic EIA and set of reflective questions are included in the tools section.

A full process map can be found below along with links to each stage of the process.

Process Map for Conducting Strategic Equality Impact Assessment
Process Map for Conducting Strategic Equality Impact Assessment

Download the full process map


EIA Stage One: How to scope the EIA

Timing: at the start of the strategy or policy development and review process.

Scope and identify core institutional equality priorities and drivers for the strategy or policy.
Stage One

EIA Stage Two: How to assess impact within the EIA

Timing: at the start of the strategy development and review process, following the scoping stage.

Understanding, judging and assessing high level risks, impacts and opportunities.
Stage Two

EIA Stage Three: Embedding

Timing: from early in the strategy development and review process following on from the scoping and assessment stage and through to initial strategy negotiation, followed by first draft and then to finalisation of the strategy.  
Stage Three

EIA Stage Four: Ongoing monitoring and evaluation

Sufficiently robust processes should be put in place to support the ongoing strategy development process and related activity.
Stage Four