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Practical tools and information to support use of the EIA model including good practice, exemplars and resources

Project tools and case studies to support implementation of this EIA model

This guidance, funded by the Scottish Funding Council (SFC), was developed by Advance HE in collaboration with Scottish college and university partners.

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Strategic Equality Impact Assessment
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Equality Impact Assessment in Scotland
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Practical guidance for Scottish colleges and universities
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How to use the guidance
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Key information for leaders and other specific staff groups
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A model process for undertaking strategic EIA
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Summary of conclusions and key recommendations
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Practical tools and information
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Practical Tools to support implementation of this EIA model

Process Map for Conducting Strategic Equality Impact Assessment

A process map providing an overview of the suggested model for strategic Equality Impact Assessment.
Download the process map

Checklist of key principles for good practice in strategic EIA

A checklist of good practice principles.
See the checklist

EIA optional template to support a strategic EIA process

A template to support the use of this guidance.
Download the template

EIA university based exemplar with sample prompts

An example of how the sample template can be used.
Download the examplar

Advance HE reflective questions for institutions on embedding equality and developing inclusive strategy and policy

A set of reflective question for institutions on broad considerations for cross institutional embedding of equality.
See the reflective questions

FAQ’s: Addressing key questions on effectively managing strategic EIAs

Some common questions and challenges raised in relation to inclusive strategy, institutional equality priorities and EIA.
See the FAQs

Case studies and examplars

Illustrative case study on using the strategic model for EIA of SFC Outcome Agreements

This case study uses the proposed approach to EIA to illustrate relevant practical considerations at each stage of the EIA model.
See the case study

Illustrative example of an effective organisational approach to strategic EIA: Creative Scotland EIA of strategic funding policy

Creative Scotland’s impact assessment of their funding policy for organisations for which they provide regular, ongoing funding has some key principles relating to the benefits of a strategic EIA approach.
See the case study

Welsh Local Government Association and NHS Centre for Equality & Human Rights approach to supporting greater transgender equality through review of the use of EIA in the public sector

Relevant case study information on Page 29 includes details of how the use of EIA to support greater transgender equality resulted in cost savings as well as improved practice.
See the case study

EHRC exemplar on the Open University and positive equality practice for minority ethnic staff based on data and evidence

Identification of equality issues through data, evidence and research and taking mitigating action. Raising ethnic minority staff aspirations through mentoring and professional development. Case study 4 at the following link:
See the case study

Scottish Government Fairer Scotland Duty Interim guidance for Public Bodies

The Fairer Scotland Duty guidance includes a focus on EIA which incorporates key question prompts. There are also some useful definitions and case study examples in the resource section.
See the case studies

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland approach to consultation and ownership and embedding of OA

The RCS OA (pages 3 and 4) details the institution’s approach to ownership and consultation for their OA. This involves an OA working group, including staff and student representation, governors and members of Academic Board and the equality and diversity lead; the OA is also approved by the working group. It positions the OA aims as a ‘subset’ of the RCS strategic plan.
See the examplar

University of Strathclyde’s approach to providing equality prompts to support EIA

Supporting the EIA process through providing prompts on typical equality considerations for each protected characteristic and possible mitigation. Pages 8 – 11 in the following link:
See the examplar

West College Scotland approach to responding to the requirements of the general duty in EIA

West College Scotland’s EIA for the college regional OA provides an overview of protected characteristic issues for the college and individually addresses the three requirements of the general equality duty for each of the main SFC outcome areas.
See the examplar

Illustrative example: Civil servant policy making forum quote on ‘unintended consequences’

Illustrative examples of unintended consequences (non-educational) from the civil servant policy making forum.
See the example

Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) view: EHRC quote on EIA and mitigating action

Following EHRC research which assessed that the quality of the content of a large proportion of EIAs was poor, they highlighted the key areas requiring improvement.
Find out more

Other useful resources

We have collated a number of useful resources which help to contextualise EIA.

See the useful resources

We would welcome your feedback on the Equality Impact Assessment Guidance

We are interested in ensuring this guidance meets your needs and provides sufficient information that supports your institution to consider and undertake EIA in a strategic context.  Our future aim is to further develop and update the guidance with additional tools and examples to make this as relevant and accessible as possible.

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