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Assessment and Feedback in Law: Case Studies from the Sector

07 Dec 2021 | Dr Patrick Baughan Advance HE has published a series of case studies on assessment in law written by colleagues working at law schools, or in the field of law, within UK higher education institutions.

Advance HE has published Assessment and Feedback in Law: Case Studies from the Sector comprising nine case study papers written by colleagues working at law schools, or in the field of law, within higher education institutions based in the UK. Each paper considers a relevant issue, or innovation, in law connected to the institution concerned and includes contributions from:

  • Wolverhampton Law School, University of Wolverhampton
  • Keele University
  • Manchester Law School, Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Bristol Law School, University of the West of England
  • University of East Anglia
  • Hertfordshire Law School, University of Hertfordshire
  • University of Portsmouth


Editor Patrick Baughan introduces the case studies:

The publication ‘came about’ as a result of an Advance HE Collaborative Project which took place between 2020-2021, and, therefore, during the Covid-19 pandemic. Advance HE collaborative projects involve colleagues at multiple institutions working with facilitators at Advance HE and together, to address a common theme. This project, which I led with the help of a number of other experts, focused on assessment and feedback in law.

Eleven institutions joined the project, which was all undertaken online due to the aforementioned ‘pandemic context’, and we worked together through a number of stages in what was both a successful and, it should be added, enjoyable process. The events included two collaboration days and some 22 bespoke workshops, with two workshops facilitated for each institution. The workshops were varied and fascinating, and covered areas including: key principles in assessment; developing consistent, student-focused, dialogic feedback; equality, diversity and inclusion in assessment and feedback; (and) assessment, feedback and awarding gaps.

Based on the evaluation responses that we received, it would be fair to say that this was a worthwhile and fulfilling experience, in which we all – facilitators included – learned from working together. It was also pleasing to note the attention being given to EDI issues in assessment and feedback in law.

We decided to develop this linked publication for two reasons. First, to provide institutions involved with an opportunity to profile-raise their own, related work in assessment. Second, we felt that the project warranted an output for the sector, so that some of the ideas could be shared more widely.

As a result, the nine papers here address some pertinent issues including assessment in the ‘pandemic context’, new and alternative assessment methods, online and digital assessment, feedback ideas and practices, and blended approaches. Some of these are linked closely to work we undertook in the project itself whilst others discuss different assessment initiatives and innovations.

We hope that readers, both in law and in other disciplines or areas of activity, find these case studies useful. We recognise that the papers share a UK focus, but some of their recommendations will be applicable more broadly. And do, if you would like to, let us know what you think!


Dr Patrick Baughan is a Senior Learning Advisor at Advance HE, his work focusing on areas including learning, teaching, assessment and sustainability in higher education. His role involves supporting universities in the UK and internationally in these areas. Patrick is a Senior Fellow and he co-convenes the Learning, Teaching and Assessment Network for the Society for Research into Higher Education.

Advance HE members can download Assessment and Feedback in Law: Case Studies from the Sector here

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