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Erica Morris

Dr Erica Morris

Higher Education Consultant and Academic Associate
Advance HE
Dr Erica Morris
Dr Erica J Morris is a Principal Fellow of Advance HE (formerly the Higher Education Academy), an Academic Associate for Advance HE and a Higher Education Consultant working on the Degree Standards project, which is focused on the professional development of external examiners.

Fostering a culture of academic integrity: approaches strategies and resources

11 Jul, 2014

Understanding the Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)

02 Jul, 2013

Academic integrity: learning lessons and exploring tensions

14 May, 2013
National Teaching Fellowship Scheme

A Marked Improvement

24 Oct, 2012

Policy Works: Recommendations for reviewing policy to manage unacceptable academic practice in higher education

31 Mar, 2011

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16 Nov, 2010

Supporting academic integrity: approaches and resources for higher education

01 Nov, 2010

Assessment Matters: strategies to minimise plagiarism possiblities

01 Jun, 2010