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Academic quality assurance

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National Teaching Fellow 2017

professional teaching practice

10 Jul, 2015

Review of External Examining Arrangements

13 Feb, 2015

UUK/GuildHE Review of External Examining

11 Jul, 2014

Fostering a culture of academic integrity: approaches strategies and resources

11 Jul, 2014

Elearning communities of practice and internationalisation

11 Jul, 2014

Design your own course? A new role for students in programme development and curriculum design

31 May, 2013

Textual selection: using semantic analysis to drive institutional change

16 May, 2013

Academic integrity: learning lessons and exploring tensions

14 May, 2013

External Examining in Social Work

26 Feb, 2013

External examining on qualifying programmes for Social Work in the UK

26 Feb, 2013