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Governance Conference 2022

Governing in the interests of students.

The 2022 Advance HE Governance conference will address the theme of ‘Governing in the interest of students’.

With increasing pressures and demands facing higher education institutions and governors, it is important to understand how boards govern in the interests of students to make the biggest impact on their experiences, support student wellbeing in a post-Pandemic environment and enable them to achieve successful outcomes. 

This will be the first time that Governance Conference has been face to face since 2019 and include a diverse range of speakers provide multiple perspectives on how boards can ensure they govern in the interests of students along with panel sessions as well as the opportunity to network with other delegates.

All Chairs, governors, senior staff and governance professionals are invited to attend. Now in its fifth year, this is the must-attend and only annual event on HE governance which brings together the full range of perspectives. 

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Date: 24 November 2022, Face-to-face
Central London, Venue TBC

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Conference themes

The conference will address the following key themes:

Quality and Data - boards need to seek assurance that the data they are receiving enables them to hold the institution accountable. There are increasing specific duties for boards to seek academic assurance at a course-based level and have effective mechanisms in place to ensure effective academic governance arrangements are in place. Boards also need to question what data they are getting and if this provides information to the whole picture, going beyond existing datasets and exploring key themes such as student and staff wellbeing.

Supporting Student Governors and Working with SU’s - The role of student governor can present many challenges in being fully integrated into the board in a short timeframe, with the same responsibilities as other members of the board while often balancing this with being an elected officer in the students’ union. The board also has a responsibility under the Education Act 1994 to ensure that the students’ union operates in a fair and democratic manner. There is a need to ensure that a healthy relationship underpins this to support good governance arrangements between separate organisations going beyond the role of the Student Governors. 

Good Relations on Campus to Support Free Speech - Universities have a long track record of championing free speech, rigorous debate and academic freedom. This has come under greater scrutiny in recent years, as the obligations around protecting and upholding freedom of speech and fostering good relations between different groups can sometimes seem to compete. However, both are core to the values and success of the higher education sector, and integral to the activity of governing bodies.